An Old Phrase

An old Salvation Army phrase: “To you, it’s a newspaper. To the homeless, it’s a blanket.” How true. There have been at least 14 nights in Austin that temps have hovered around 32 degrees. That means men are bussed that have no bed to another shelter. Here at the Austin Downtown Salvation Army Shelter, there are 105 beds that are always full. It appears that the weather is turning warmer over the next 2 weeks forImage which we are grateful.


The Austin Salvation Army Great Numbers!

At The Salvation Army, our ministry is part of the solution to Austin’s homelessness situation. You, as donors and sponsors, should be kept aware of our success rate. What do your dollars and time add up to? Between October 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012, 787 people left the streets, participated with the Social Services Team in case management and left the shelter with a safe and stable place to live. We assisted 416 people to improve their employment status. We provided 110,990 shelter nights. Yes, there is more… We served 332,918 meals. 8,109 children received toys for Christmas through the Angel Tree Program. The Austin Salvation Army Shoe-In program distributed 756pairs of tennis shoes. Additionally, each child received 2 pairs of socks. We think you’ll agree, your dollars are successfully at work. We cannot thank you enough.